Getting a Puppy for the First Time? Warning: They Poop A LOT!

You've been planning this for months, maybe years, and now it is finally time.  You're bringing home a new puppy!  You've double checked your new puppy checklist and you're certain that you're ready.  Your home is stocked with all the best dog essentials and you have the contact information for the best dog services programmed into your phone: a trainer, groomer, sitter, walker and a top notch veterinarian.  "Puppy preparation" might as well be your middle name!  Just check out that cabinet dedicated solely to food.  Because you've heard how much puppies can eat.

Bringing home a new puppy is so much fun!  Don't forget, though, about how much they can poop!

Puppies can eat A LOT.  And that means that puppies poop A LOT.  We're talking piles upon piles of puppy poop.  We're talking your yard is about to turn into a game of minesweeper!

Perhaps you've prepared for that, too.  You've bought hundreds of dog bags.  Maybe you've even bought a pooper scooper rake.  But you find that you don't have the time to clean up a yard of dog poop.  Or you let it go for too long and the minesweeper game just became challenger level.  Or the bending over isn't easy on your sore back.  Or you just find it intolerably disgusting.  Or your yard is large and it takes longer than usual to find all the poop.  Whatever the issue is you might quickly find that picking up dog poop was a challenging part of first time dog ownership that you weren't expecting!

Your dog can and will poop everywhere!

Good thing there's help!  Poop scooping companies like Big Business Scoopers can come to your rescue!  We pick up the poop so you don't have to.  We bag and double bag the poop so you can forget it ever existed.  We come on a regular schedule.  We give extra loving attention to your new puppy if he's outside.  Belly rubs!  Ball tosses!  We are attentive to any changes in your dog's poop so we can communicate what that change might mean for the health of your dog.  We are reliable and trusted by our customers.  And best of all ... we are incredibly affordable at services starting at only $12 per week.

Regular poop scooping services are incredibly affordable.  Don't get caught with a yard full of poop!

So do not get caught unprepared!  If you are bringing home a new dog or puppy then you might want to consider hiring a pooper scooper service.  Contact us today with any questions and to set up a free estimate.

Pooper App is BullS**t but Pooper Scooper Companies Do Exist

Last week we started to see media coverage pour in for a new app called Pooper.  It's tagline was "Your dog's poop in someone else's hands."  The idea was that when your dog pooped in a public place you could log its location and call for a pooper scooper to come and pick it up for you.  Many started dubbing it the Uber for dog poop.  Newsweek, The Washington Post, Fast CompanyMother Nature Network and many more have covered the phenomena of this app (and/or how it turned out to be fake.)

We were skeptical that such a business could ultimately work.  (How could you keep the price low enough to attract users but high enough to attract would-be pooper scoopers?)  But unlike many, we were not very skeptical that such a business existed.  In fact, we were keeping an eye on it and requesting information about their progress.  After all, who knows better than we Professional Pooper Scoopers about how high the demand is for dog waste removal in a country where there are an estimated 70-80 million dogs in residence?

The Pooper app turned out to be an art project aimed at satirizing our app-obsessed culture.  Does your dog poop?  There's an app for that.

But, of course, Pooper turned out to be an art project aimed at satirizing our app-obsessed culture.  Does your dog poop?  There's an app for that!  Well, it turns out that there isn't.  But the good news is there is a company for it!  As long as your dog is doing his or her business on your property we will happily come and scoop it up for you.  No app needed.