This is an image of two kids checking their sneakers to find that they have stepped in dog poop! There will be far less chance of this happening if Big Business Scoopers is on the job scooping up that poop.
This is an image of a dog looking at his own poop expectantly. If that dog is in Essex, Somerset, Gloucester, Union, Passaic or Morris counties of New Jersey then his waste won't be there for long. Big Business Scoopers will scoop it right up!

What exactly do you do?  Big Business Scoopers is a professional dog poop service that comes to your house to pick up dog poop on your property.  We handle dog poop removal for much less than you might think.  See our pricing page for details.  We have a great sense of humor, but take our business of dog poop cleanup very seriously. And yes, if we find other poop (deer poop, geese poop, etc) on your property, we will pick that up too!

Do you service my area?  We provide dog waste removal services in the following New Jersey counties: Camden, Essex, Gloucester, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Union.  Click here for a list of towns we serve.  If you live near one of these towns just reach out and ask us if we can fit you into our pooper scooper schedule.

How often can you service my property?  Our scheduling is very flexible.  Although most people find that scheduling dog waste removal once a week is satisfactory, we will work with you and arrange a schedule that best suits your needs.  Our pooper scoopers can visit your yard multiple times per week, every other week, every third week, once a month, etc.

Will you be at my property on the same day each week?  In most cases, yes, our dog poop pick up will happen on the same day each week.  However, situations such as weather conditions, daylight hours and holidays may cause us to deviate from our schedule on occasion.

Should I unlock my gate?  Yes. Your dog pooper scooper will not climb or jump over fences.  Please have the gate unlocked on your scheduled service day.  You may provide us with a key or the combination to a lock.  Alternatively, we can call or text you when we're close to your house so you can unlock the gate when we are nearby and ready to pick up.

Can you work with my dog in the yard?  We LOVE dogs!  And our favorite days are the days that we see as many of them as possible.  But if your dog is not good with strangers or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow your pooper-scooper to clean the yard we will ask that you restrain or confine your dog while we perform our pet waste disposal service.

What do you do with the waste?  We bag and double bag the dog poop.  Then, in the majority of cases, we leave it in your trash can (if it is accessible) or in a designated area that we agree upon (i.e. next to your garage.)  If you want to forget the poop was ever there we can give you the complete dog poop disposal service by carrying it away for an extra $5 per service.

Do you have a weather policy?  We scoop dog poop in all weather.  Rain and shine.  Winter, spring, summer and fall.  In the case of extreme weather (very heavy precipitation or life threatening conditions/temperatures), we may need to skip a pooper-scooper service.  As a rule, we do not credit weeks skipped due to extreme weather conditions as we expect to pick up twice the amount of dog poop the following week.

Do you have a seasonal policy?  As you can imagine, wintertime brings with it special challenges for your dog and our dog pooper-scooper service.  If there is only a dusting of snow, we can usually find what we are looking for.  If it snows more than that, we may have to skip the week’s scooping.  When we do get back into the yard there will be a much bigger job to do so we charge your usual amount.  There may also be obstacles throughout the year preventing us from finding all of your dog’s poop other than snow.  A good example is leaves.  If your yard is not clear of debris, we can only pick up what we see.  Rest assured that once the debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) is cleaned up, we will find everything we are looking for! Our aim is to be the best pooper scooper service available.

Are there any extra charges for the first service?  Yes.  All first dog waste removal services are $60, if you are planning on regular service thereafter.  If the cleanup takes longer than 60 minutes (which is in the rare cases where there is heavy dog poop accumulation!) we charge another $1/minute over the 60 minutes. If we can determine that you have been cleaning up regularly yourself we may consider waiving this initial fee.

What if I go on vacation?  If your dog is not going to be home, please let us know so that we can skip that week(s) pet waste removal service and adjust your invoice accordingly.

Are there any contracts to sign?  No.  We can start and stop your pooper scooper service at any time with just a phone call or an e-mail.  We don't require contracts, there is no minimum service period, and there is no advance notice required to cancel service.

How will I be billed?  Invoices are sent out at the beginning of each month by email or regular mail.  Payment can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.  Your invoice will be simple and predictable because we use monthly averaging (take the amount of one visit, multiply by the number of pooper-scooper visits per year, and divide by 12 months), which allows us to charge the same amount each month.

Can I be billed automatically if I use my credit card?  Definitely!  Automatic scheduling of payments using a credit card can easily be set up.  Have us charge your credit card monthly and relieve yourself of another annoying chore, paying the dog pooper scooper!  A set up form will arrive with your first invoice.

Do you have a referral program?  Yes we do!  Tell your friends and neighbors about our pet waste removal services.  If they decide to use our poop scoop service, you both get a free week.  Just our way of saying thanks.

Do you offer other services like dog walking or sitting?  No.  But we do have quite a few pet service friends and general resources that we like to recommend.  Click here to view a list!