What is a Pooper Scooper Service?

Big "Business" Scoopers is New Jersey's oldest and most trusted Professional Pooper Scooper Service that has been serving New Jersey since 2003.  We specialize in pet waste removal!  A member of our pooper-scooper team will come to your property to pick up dog poop using our own poop scoop tools.  We work with you to arrange a schedule that best suits your dog poop removal needs - weekly, multiple times a week, every other week, one time cleanup, etc.  And we scoop dog poo in all weather and through all four seasons.  Our tools are disinfected between poop scooping stops to ensure the safety and health of your dog and family. 

This dog poop service is available for much less than you might think.  There are no contracts to sign, no minimum service periods and no advance notice required to cancel.  And since we take pride in the quality of our work and aim to be the best pooper scooper business in New Jersey, we promise to do everything and anything we can to give you complete, dependable and superior service.  Dissatisfied for any reason?  Have a question?  We're just one phone call, text or email away.  Contact us for more information.


See Dog Poop Pick Up in Action!

In 2007, Craig Treadway, co-anchor of The CW11 Morning News, asked Big Business Scoopers if he could learn what it's like to do the "doo."  And here is Tom Watson, Founder of Big Business Scoopers, all too happily obliging.

What you see in this video is what you can expect to see in your yard: a professionally trained pooper scooper, equipped with bucket, rake and plastic bags, carefully combing your property for your dog's poop!