4 Favorite Puns about Working as a Pooper Scooper

When you work as a Pooper Scooper you are inevitably bound to have some interesting conversations with people you just meet.  "Scooping dog poop on the regular" isn't exactly an answer most people might expect to hear when they inquire about how you make a living.  But before we scoopers can explain that not only do we actually do this but we also enjoy it immensely, we have to get over that awkward hurdle of just establishing it as a fact.  Yes, we pick up dog waste.  

What better way to overcome anything than to make awkward puns??  Right?  Right???  So, without further adoo, our top 4 FAVORITE (among maaaany) Pooper Scooper Puns:


"What line of work are you in?"

"The line of doody ..."


"How was work today?"

"Crappy ... literally ..."


"What do you do?"

"I'm a pooper scooper."


"Yeah, no shit ..."


"How's the business doing?"

"It's picking up ..."

Image: Small puppy shaking his head with the caption "Really?" ... This in response to some ridiculous puns about dog waste removal professionals.