Gate Watchers: We Do More Than Scoop Poop!

Welcome to the first installment of "We Do More Than Scoop Poop!"  There are many reasons why it's good to have a conscientious pooper scooper come to your property on a regular basis.  We often spot things that you might miss (besides the poop, of course.)  And because our job is to pay close attention and search meticulously, we also see things that other lawn care workers like landscapers might simply not notice.  

This is an image of a broken gate latch.  If your pooper scooper sees something like this while cleaning your yard, we will make sure it is secured properly before leaving.  We will notify you immediately.

We use a lot of gates and latches in a work day.  From a simple rusted out latch to a gate knocked off its hinges to boards coming loose in a fence ... we've seen it all.  But we realize that there is a very good chance you haven't seen it.  You may regularly enter and exit your yard from a side gate rather than the house but we don't like to make assumptions.  

So if we see a problem with your gate we report it immediately.  Your scooper will ring your bell and/or we'll give you a call.  But no matter what: we will not leave your property if your gate is not secured properly.  Even if that means rigging something temporary ourselves.  

All of this just comes with the service.  Because we care about your dogs and want to make sure they're safe as well as enjoying a poop-free yard!