Best Dog Food Guide for a Safe and Healthy Dog

Here at Big Business Scoopers we are primarily concerned with what comes OUT of your dog, not what goes INTO your dog.  But the two are inextricably related.  And our Scoopers, unfortunately, have witnessed some very unhealthy things coming out of dogs over the years.  Anytime we see something unusual, we call the customer right away so that they can address any health concerns that might be the cause.  It is true that many factors contribute to the relative good or poor health of a dog and his digestive system but none are as crucial as the food that goes into his belly.

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But, again, we deal with what comes OUT of your dog, not what goes in.  And while we'd love to be able to help in all areas of our dog customers' health, we just don't always have the time.  That's why we were so pleased to be approached by and informed that they very recently (in the past couple months) embarked on an impressively thorough investigation of top dog food brands in an effort to educate dog owners about the best choices out there.  They've done what we wish we could do for you!  So we are happy to pass it along:


It's all about quality ingredients : Best Food for a Safe and Healthy Dog

Some astonishing facts are in this resource.  Did you know that 70% of dog owners admit that they don't know all of the ingredients in their dogs' food?  Are you one of them?? invested over 1,400 hours of research in this resource, built a list of over 11,000 sources in the dog food industry, surveyed 300 dog owners about their purchasing habits and more.  They have broken all this research down into one very digestible guide that we would be happy to share with any dog owner who comes to us with a question about quality dog food ingredients.

What bad ingredients make dog food unsafe and unhealthy?  What manufacturing processes should concern pet owners?  How do different types of dog food (wet, dry, raw, etc.) compare to one another?  Is it necessary to buy according to dog breed?  And did your dogs' food make the cut?

If you find this resource informative, helpful or interesting, please pass it along as we have.  Dogs make the world such a wonderful place and they deserve every good treatment in return!