Giveaway & Interview: Stephen Longo of The Fifth Paw, LLC

It's a fact of doggie life.  Dogs poop.  Everywhere.  Big Business Scoopers can help out when that poop is on your lawn.  But we can't follow you and help you out when you and your best friend go on walks.  Enter The Fifth Paw: "The Hands-Free Dog Poop Carrier That Gives You the Freedom to Love Walking your Dog Again!"  Stephen Longo, CEO and Creator of The Fifth Paw, recognized that the least enjoyable part of a dog walk is carrying and juggling one (if you're lucky) and oftentimes several bags filled with stinky, gross dog poop.  The Fifth Paw is an American made carrier that easily connects onto most standard flat style leashes and works with gravity to allow your poop bags to swing tangle-free while you continue your walk.  

Check out their videos to see how it works.

Not only was Stephen gracious enough to send us a Paw to test out (it is seriously magic!) and chat with us about The Fifth Paw but he is also GIVING ONE AWAY to one lucky winner.  Just visit and like our Facebook Page between Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 3PM EST and Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 3PM EST in order to be eligible to win!

Now let's find out more about The Fifth Paw ...

BBS: When did you first have the idea to create The Fifth Paw and what was the creative process like for you?

SL: The idea to create The Fifth Paw came organically really.  I had recently become the main dog walker of our Great Dane puppy Caesar, who can lay down some real poopage.  It was not long before the burden of what to do with the full bags of poop while out and about became a real issue.  Whether big or small, having to juggle full bags of poop while trying to keep a sure grip on the leash is not only a drag makes for unsafe walks.  I lost count of how many times I was in the middle of swapping hands on the leash and my boy would jerk the leash out of my hand (because he saw something he wanted) while I was juggling the bag of poop to the new hand.  Now add cell phones or winter gloves into the picture, and you can see the real need.

The Fifth Paw allows dog owners to walk their dogs without the stress and annoyance of juggling multiple poop bags.

BBS: How does The Fifth Paw stand out from its competition?

SL: The Fifth Paw gives dog parents the freedom to be more in control of the leash, while at the same time keeping their pockets and pouches stink free.  The Fifth Paw can easily hold 4 bags of doody (more than one bag can be placed onto one of The Fifth Paws patented rotating rings)  Due to its ingenious design, it stays clean and tangle free thanks to gravity.  You can also hang a bag dispenser from one of the clips as well a bag of treats or you house keys if out for a walk with no pockets.  I should also mention The Fifth Paw is made right here in the USA.

BBS: This is an especially terrific solution for anyone walking several dogs.  Have you had any feedback from professional dog walkers?

SL: Absolutely.  Professional dog walkers have told us they love how easy & quick it is to clip bags on and off, but the bags stay put while walking.  It makes their jobs much more enjoyable!  Since they routinely walk more than one dog, they totally appreciate not stuffing stinky bags of poo into their pockets or knapsacks!

Here is a close up a Fifth Paw attached to a standard flat leash.

BBS: Tell us about your Danes, Chloe and Caesar!  

SL: Unfortunately, Chloe passed this Christmas.  We miss her very much.  Chloe lived for walkies! Caesar is still with us but at 12 ½ years old, his walks are much shorter now, although his poops are still legendary.

BBS: Are you working on any future inventions for pet owners or have any problems in mind for which you’d like to provide a solution?

SL: At present we are looking at introducing our own stylish leashes and collars. While The Fifth Paw works with most standard flat style leashes including nylon/leather/hemp/velvet (both 1-ply and thicker 2-ply), we would like to have our own leash, that way there is never any doubt as to whether it works with a persons existing leash. 

BBS: And last of all … we always like to hear a funny story.  And dogs always provide us with a ton of them!  Anything funny Chloe or Caesar have pulled?  Or anything relating to The Fifth Paw?

SL: Well the funniest thing that ever happened was when I was out walking the pups and Caesar went to take a poop.  I noticed something unusual going on with Caesars rear end.  Well, it turns out Caesar must have swallowed a paper towel whole (someone must have gotten away with counter surfing).  Imagine me try to control 2 Greats Danes while trying to pull a paper towel out of Caesars heiny, while he is determined not to let me.  It was like clown pulling a long handkerchief out of his mouth ;-)  Our neighbors waiting for the school bus had a great laugh that morning.

And that's that: The Fifth Paw!  From our experience with our test Paw we can vouch that this is the real deal.  The Paw is extremely easy to attach to a leash and once it is on it remains very secure.  It's a breeze to attach a poop bag and that poop bag then swings easily with gravity.  There is no chance of it getting tangled up and messy.

Don't forget to ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN one free Fifth Paw to test for yourself by visiting and liking Big Business' Scoopers' Facebook page by 3PM EST on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.  You can also learn more about Stephen Longo and The Fifth Paw by visiting their website, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.