How Much Does a Pooper Scooper Service Cost?

When I tell people about the pooper scooper business my mother and I own and operate I know to prepare for an interesting reaction.  One of the most common of these is, "Wow!  People actually pay for that?"  And while I have a string of explanations as to why people do, yes, pay for dog waste removal services, the most obvious answer is quite simple: poop scooping service prices are incredibly, surprisingly reasonable.

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As of today, the pooper scooper service cost for the average Big Business Scoopers customer is just $16 per week.  Our pooper scooper service prices start at $12.  And over 30% of our current customers pay that base price or the original base price of $10 per service.  (We believe in a grandfather policy for our long time customers as a gesture of our gratitude for their business.  Our customers always come first.)

How do we calculate our pet waste removal prices?  It's simple.  All small yards with one dog are $12 per weekly visit, $18 per every other weekly visit (a 25% savings) and $34 per monthly visit (a 30% savings.)  Each additional dog is an extra $3 and the starting price may be nominally increased based on the size of your yard.  Are you not sure if your yard is "small" or what frequency of poop scooping service is right for you?  Contact us and we'll come out to give you a free estimate.  And we'll be available to answer all of your questions about how the service works, what schedule we can recommend and more.

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What are you purchasing when you schedule regular dog poop services?  

  • The value of the time it takes to scoop dog poop on your own. What is your time worth to you?

  • A professional eye observing your dog's poop on a regular basis and reporting back to you any irregularities. This is another line of defense against any health issues arising.

  • A generally cleaner yard. We don't pick up only dog poop. We pick up deer poop, tiny bits of trash, any small deceased animals, etc.

  • A generally safer yard. In addition to reporting irregularities in the condition of your dog's poop we also report anything else unusual: problems with your gate or fence, new holes dug in the yard, items you may have lost outside (watches, electronics, etc.)

  • For $5 per service we also take the poop away so you can forget it was ever there!

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So for a starting weekly price that is less than what the average American spends weekly on coffee you can take the dirtiest chore off your list of household items to do!  What are you waiting for?